How to Overcome Content-Related Mistakes That Can Drop Your Site’s Ranking

Site’s Ranking

Site’s Ranking

In this digital world, businesses strive hard to boost their sites’ performance and obtain massive traffic.

If you have been operating a website for some time, you would already be aware of the importance of getting its web pages ranked on Google and other search engines to grab the attention of organic visitors.

However, improving or sustaining a site’s ranking isn’t easy in this competitive environment, as you must formulate and implement a specific strategy.

Among multiple factors considered important in improving the ranking of a site on search engine result pages, content carries the utmost importance.

Without content, your entire digital marketing strategy is incomplete.

Many people aren’t aware of what type of content can help them save their websites from a dip in their rankings on SERP.

As a result, they make several mistakes in content creation which results in declining their positions on the search results of Google.

Marketers need to be aware of content-related mistakes that can affect their rankings, which is why we are here with this blog.

Read it till the end to learn about the content-related mistakes you might be making and also figure out how to resolve them!

1. Mistake: Inadequate Research

Inadequate research is one of the most crucial things that can drop your ranking.

You would have to make sure that whatever you are writing down is the crux of extensive research.

Leaving points complete with offering a solution or conclusion would prove to be a disaster.

Writing content for the sake of getting a high ranking requires detailed and conclusive research.

There is a need to focus on every point thoroughly. Google keenly looks at the points stated in the content, and if something isn’t according to the context, then the search engine giant penalizes those web pages by dropping their rankings.


The best way to come up with such situations is by ensuring that you have conducted adequate research.

You would have to write the content in a way that seems like a story with a starting and ending point.

This way, you can justify the points in the best way possible.

Google will reward you with the ranking you deserve, but for that, you will have to ensure that the content is backed with proper research.

2. Mistake: Using Jargon

Jargon is yet another mistake that is often committed by bloggers, webmasters, writers, and content publishers.

Many people try to use complicated words that their targeted audience needs help understanding.

Usage of terms that your readers aren’t familiar with leads to misunderstanding, and they can indeed bounce back from your webpage, which will ultimately hurt your ranking.


The solution to this mistake is using simple and easy-to-understand words so that even a fifth grader can comprehend what is written.

It doesn’t mean that this goes for every other topic; some niches require using complex terminologies.

However, most of the niches aren’t that tough or complex, and even simple words could justify what needs to be said.

Therefore, you need to use words that everyone can easily understand.

3. Mistake: Not Ensuring Uniqueness

Plagiarism is a significant issue behind the download of the ranking of sites on search results.

It is using already available information and providing anything to the readers.

Google prefers to rank fresh content above paraphrased or plagiarized content.

Therefore, if you are not ensuring uniqueness in your content, it’s a major mistake that drops your rankings


To resolve the plagiarism issue from your content, you first need to identify the exact portions that are plagiarized.

For this reason, you can use an online plagiarism checker, which works on the detection of copied phrases, sentences, and paragraphs from any piece of content.

By getting your hands on accurate results from a plagiarism detector you can work on eliminating these issues to save your site’s ranking from declining.

4. Mistake: Not Following SEO Guidelines

SEO is the gateway to obtaining high rankings on search results, and not following SEO guidelines is a significant mistake made by content creators.

The usage of keywords, placement of anchors, internal linking, etc., is all part of SEO.

If you aren’t bothering about these SEO essentials, your site can surely suffer a drop in rankings.


You can overcome this issue by providing clear SEO instructions to the content writers.

Whoever is writing content should know the keywords you are writing, and a proper density must also be maintained.

Keeping other SEO essentials in mind, such as the placement of anchors and the inclusion of internal links make your content search engine-friendly and user-friendly.

5. Mistake: Forget Proofreading

To make your content squeaky clean from errors, it’s essential to proofread the final draft before publishing it.

A common mistake that makes your website decline rankings is that you don’t proofread content, and several grammatical, spelling, and technical errors keep existing in it.

The readers can easily get frustrated with your site if they encounter such blunders that can drop your position on search engine results.


To eliminate this mistake and save your site from getting a drop in ranking, you should thoroughly proofread it before you share or publish content.

You can take the assistance of a peer or colleague, as a fresh pair of eyes can look at your content from a different angle and help you in getting rid of the errors existing in it.

Bottom Line

So, here this blog comes to an end. The aforementioned content-related mistakes can badly hurt your ranking on Google and other search engines.

You should look into their solutions and work on resolving such issues from content to improve its quality and ranking or at least save the site from suffering a downfall in ranking.