English Words to Teach About Halloween

English Words to Teach About Halloween

English Words to Teach About Halloween

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the world. It takes place on October 31st and is filled with fun, scary stories and lots of candy!

The history behind this tradition dates back hundreds of years ago when people believed that ghosts were out roaming the streets at night looking for trouble. If you weren’t careful, they would come into your house and steal your candy!

In China, Halloween has been celebrated since the 1920s. It was introduced by American merchants who were in China at that time. Today, many people celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes and going trick-or-treating. When teaching in china, it’s important to remember that Halloween is also a great time to teach your students some Halloween English vocabulary. .

This blog will provide you with five Halloween-related vocabulary and phrases that are perfect for teaching your students.


The pumpkin is a very famous Halloween symbol. It’s a vegetable that comes in many different sizes and colours.

Some pumpkins are bright orange, while others are green with yellow stripes or spots. People carve scary faces into pumpkins to make them look like monsters or ghosts!

People like to place curved pumpkins in front of their houses to showcase their Halloween spirit. While many people like to use real pumpkins, some people buy artificial ones and then decorate them with orange and black decorations.


The costume is another word that could create a lot of meaning during Halloween. Basically, it means the clothes that you wear for Halloween. People like to wear costumes because they are fun and exciting.

When you teach English in China, the word costume can be used to describe the outfit you choose for Halloween or any other time of year. For example, if your students ask what costume you will be wearing on Halloween, you could tell them something like spiderman or batman.

Usually, people create themes for their costumes and choose clothes that look like the characters they want to be. For example, if they are going as an astronaut, they might wear a spacesuit or even just a white t-shirt with an image of the Earth printed on it.

Some people decide to go as themselves for Halloween and others go as famous fictional characters like vampires or zombies.

Trick or treat!

Trick or treat is a fun way to get candy! It’s a word that means “trick or treat!” If someone says this to you, they are asking for a treat. If you don’t have any treats for them, then they will play a trick on you!

The best way this happens is when children walk from door to door, wearing their costumes and holding a bag for candy. They say trick or treat, and if someone gives them a treat, then they leave and go on to the next house.

If no one gives them anything, then they play a trick on that person! This can mean many different things—some people get scared when they are tricked, while others just laugh about it!

Candy (or sweets)

Candy is also a major part of Halloween celebrations. It is a treat that people give out to trick-or-treaters, and they also eat it while they are celebrating. There are many different kinds of candy, like chocolate bars and lollipops. Candy comes in many different colours and shapes too, which makes it fun.

Some families leave a basket of candy outside their houses so kids can come and collect some on Halloween night. This is called a “Candy Bowl.” The candy bowl is usually filled with treats like chocolate bars, lollipops and other goodies!

A lot of families put their candy bowls out on October 31st so that trick-or-treaters can come by anytime after dark instead of knocking on the doors.

They attached a sign saying ‘pick one/two only’ so every kid has a chance to collect some candy!

The haunted house

The haunted house is a very common Halloween term, and it is used to describe a house that is decorated to look scary on Halloween night, with ghosts and goblins hanging from the trees.

The haunted house is a popular activity for children because it provides them with an opportunity to get scared! They go into the house and try not to scream when they come across one of the monsters hiding in a dark corner or behind a curtain.

The haunted house is an exciting way to get the thrill of being scared on Halloween night. The haunted house can be a lot of fun for parents too because it gives them a chance to scare the children! They can hide behind the doors and jump out at their kids when they least expect it!

As a teacher in China, you can visit the haunted house with your students. This makes the activity even more fun because the students will have a chance to get scared with you! You can also make a haunted house at home if you want to give your children a little thrill on Halloween night.


Halloween is a fun time to interact and do fun things with your students. Teaching these English terms is a great start, but it’s important to remember that Halloween is about having fun, not just learning English. You can have a lot of fun playing games and dressing up in costumes, so make sure that your students know what they are doing before you begin any activities!

Also, there are more terms you can teach, but the above are some of the most important ones that you should focus on. If you want to learn more about teaching English in China, contact us today!