5 Reasons To Consider A Pre-wedding Photoshoot



Pre-wedding photoshoots are like rehearsal dinners. A couple who is getting married may have been engaged for a short or long time. They might have met through a dating app, or friends circle or may have been set up by well-meaning relatives. Nevertheless, they will not know what it takes to go through the stress of planning for a wedding unless they experience it.

Pre-wedding photography is slowly catching up in the Melbourne wedding photography circuit. Couples who want good pictures that represent their togetherness and the journey thus far before they decide to get hitched should consider this step. A pre-wedding shoot helps diffuse all the tension of planning for the real thing while offering a few benefits that are hard to resist.

Here are the reasons that will help you in deciding on a pre-wedding shoot

  • Be you

Weddings are proper events where even the madness that is part of your relationship cannot be completely captured. Besides that, numerous things are running through your mind and it is difficult to stay focused and keep smiling. The mischievous glances and the teasing that is part of your relationship may not come forth through the makeup and proper wedding gowns.

Contrarily a pre-wedding shoot is a natural affair that is more candid and less posing. Your photographer will ask you to ignore him and keep doing your stuff. He will ensure to capture the natural moments and lost expressions that pass in seconds. A frown that fades to give way to a smile and disappointment that is replaced by bewilderment are beautiful transitions that can be encompassed during pre-wedding photography.

  • Familiarize with photographer

Pre-wedding photography is the best way to know your photographer in their element. Getting familiar with the photographer helps a couple feel more relaxed on the wedding day. When you feel good you look good, and with wedding jitters surrounding you, there is no way that you can be calm and enjoy the biggest day of your life. So consider this as a break where a photographer also has a chance to understand his subjects better and will be able to deliver their best.

  • A good rehearsal

As iterated pre-wedding shoots are akin to rehearsal dinners and should be treated with equal importance. No one wants anything to go wrong on the day of their wedding when everyone expects everything to fall in place and be perfect. But ask a wedding planner, photographer, and bridesmaid, and they all will have horrors backstage stories to tell about the weddings. Only it takes a village to get a couple married, and all those mishaps are swooshed and wished away. To avoid last-minute disasters, practicing posing for pictures will help with actual wedding photos.

  • Camera acquaintance

Most people have stories to tell about how they can never pose well or look at the camera. The coordination in a group or a couple of pictures between eye contact with the camera is always a mismatch for many. During a pre-wedding photoshoot, a couple and their close aides can practice and get acquainted with the camera.

  • More memories

Pre-wedding shoots are more fun and always try to tell the story of the couple. It is often a motion and still photography combination which has some great Instagram-able photos that will become a keepsake and adorn as decor on the wall spaces. This is often taken outdoors in romantic locations that mean something to the couple. For instance, their favorite pizzeria or coffee place they hung out as a couple. It may even feature the proposal location to make it more memorable. These memories can be cherished more when captured through a planned pre-wedding photoshoot.

  • Use in wedding invitations

Most couples are sending invites to save the date with personalized pictures from their pre-wedding shoot. This is a great way to engage the guests who may not meet you in person till your wedding day.


Pre-wedding photoshoots can be planned with the same professional photographer who will handle the wedding photography package. This helps in negotiating the price, and often the photographers will give a concession for booking for two separate days. Though it may slightly increase the budget for couples, if planned well in advance it is doable and will be worth all the money and effort.