How to Get More Views on YouTube: 16 Tips that Actually Work



YouTube is the world’s largest content platform. With billions of monthly users and more coming in every day, this is one of the best platforms to create content on. Also, since it pays the creators money directly for creating, there is no better option in the industry. However, something that every YouTuber struggles with is irregular incoming views. Views are a very important metric to measure whether your content is interesting or not and hence is a very essential thing for your YouTube channel. If you want to gain more views on your youtube channel, then we have the perfect article lined up for you. Today we are going to talk about 16 tips that actually work, for people who are looking to get more views on their channel.

Create compelling content

The first way to make sure that you can get more views is to create content that your audience likes. You can do simple analytics to see whether the audience is liking your content or not. You can check the views on your last 10 YouTube videos and see where you have outperformed your expectations and which video is just not getting any traffic. This will help you select topics. Once you have selected the topics, the next thing to do is to use better cinematography and storytelling to tell your stories through your YouTube video. This is one of the best ways to ensure more views on your YouTube videos.

Creating compelling content is the cornerstone of gaining more views on YouTube. While it may be tempting to buy 1000 YouTube views in an attempt to boost visibility, authentic and engaging content remains the most effective approach. A key insight to consider is that viewers today are savvy and can quickly discern between genuine, high-quality content and artificially inflated numbers.

Encourage viewers to subscribe

You must have seen your favorite YouTubers say “please, like, share, and subscribe”. Well, what sounds like an overused template, is basically a way for people to increase their reach. If you have more subscribers, more people will be notified when you post a video and hence the video views will go up automatically. This is why we highly recommend you encourage your viewers to subscribe if you like their content. An active reminder is essential as people often forget why they were watching the YouTube video in the first place.

Create playlists

The next thing you should do with your videos makes a playlist. If you can group similar content together, then there is no one better than you at this. Creating playlists will help you find the best audience that you can actually have for the long term. This is because people like having organized content, and if you have sketches and videos that have more than one part, then this is the best thing that we can recommend.

Promote more videos with end screen cards

According to research people who watch the content on YouTube, are usually hooked to the content after a few videos. You can use this to your advantage. What you can do is to encourage these people to watch your next video and then another. This is usually done by using end screen cards. You must have noticed these as well. People use end screen cards, which are clickable windows, containing the thumbnail for another video. These videos are perfect to show your audience because this gets them hooked and also makes them subscribe in most cases.

Add a watermark to your videos

Most people don’t realize this, but video piracy is the worst thing for your channel. You can have an interesting long for content, that some people can just use the clip off and earn millions, in views. This is why adding a watermark to your videos is very important. You can add this watermark on either corner of the frame. Also, it should not be big enough to obstruct vision, but it should also not be small enough to not be seen. The size should be decent and the watermark should contain the name of your YouTube channel.

Enable video embedding

Video embedding is a way of putting your video up on a website, where more people can watch it. This is great because some blog writers can talk about your content, and hence would add an embed of your video on their website. However, if you forget to enable video embedding, they wouldn’t be able to do the same. Unlike clipping your videos and making money off them, embedding your video allows users to use your video as a reference and all the views go to your YouTube channel, which is perfect. That is why we highly recommend enabling video embedding, whenever you upload.

Promote your videos on other social channels

Now, we’re sure you must have heard of cross-platform promotion. Well, basically, f you haven’t the jist is that, wherever you want to increase your visibility, you should promote that platform on your other social media handles. For example, now that you need to be seen on YouTube, we recommend posting about it on Instagram and Twitter. These websites are great to buy more subscribers on your YouTube video.

Work to increase your watch time

YouTube has changed a ton in its algorithm. This has made the algorithm much smarter than it already was. This is because now, YouTube wants you to have more watch time than views. It is great to test how many people actually watch the full length of your videos. Things you can do to get more watch time is that you can tell people to watch your content at a greater speed. This is a tactic that a lot of people employ, where they deliberately make the video a bit slower so that people actually adopt their advantage of watching the video at a greater speed than normal. Apart from that you can also create more compelling content and try out different forms, to see what gives you the best results.

Create a community

People are far more interested to be in a community than being individual viewers of your content. And since people can relate better to a community with a name, you should also try and give a name to your community. Most people add an army to their channel’s name to address their audience. But we request you to be a tad bit more creative.

Add good titles

Most people ignore this, but video titles influence your viewership. If you add catchy titles that are relevant to the video, then you have a higher chance of getting people to watch your content. This is because there is a visual screening of your video before even people open it. This is why we need you to keep your tools ready.

Optimize your channel

This is a tip that you should have gotten till now if you haven’t actually optimized your channel yet. Optimizing your channel includes, having a unique name that people remember you from, adding a channel banner, good channel art, a logo, and also a watermark. This helps you look more like a professional YouTuber than an amateur.

Create a strong brand aesthetic

Creating a strong brand aesthetic means that you create a theme or a form that is ingenuine to you. This creates a space in people’s minds and signals that a particular type of content is yours to make. This is called a brand aesthetic, and we highly recommend that you garner one.

Have a good channel description

Some people like to see what the channel is all about, before engaging with its videos. This is why we want you to have a great channel description that can explain your vision and goals on YouTube. You might not understand the importance of this, but people with successful YouTube channels often advise the same.

Add your other social channels

The best way to create a community, where you can get work from brands is to add in your other socials. This means that you need to add your email and your Instagram, to let them contact you.

Add good keywords

If you want to increase your discoverability on YouTube, then you should definitely consider adding good keywords on YouTube. This is because people have certain keywords in their searches, which helps YouTube search their content. This is why we recommend using good keywords on your YouTube videos.

Enable related channels

If you enable related channels, then YouTube might pop up on your other channels while people are watching your content. This is greatly beneficial because you can share your audience across two different channels and get more viewership as well.


If you are stuck on YouTube trying to garner more views for yourself. Then you must try these tips mentioned above. These tips will surely help you excel on YouTube. A ton of influencers have tried these tips and only then have we mentioned them on this list. We’re sure you are going to grow your viewership exponentially if you employ these tactics in your YouTube marketing strategies. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.