Top 8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for E-commerce Specialists in 2024

Top 8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for E-commerce Specialists in 2024

Top 8 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for E-commerce Specialists in 2024

It is no secret that the Google Chrome extensions play a significant role in ensuring productivity for users. These extensions are small pieces of applications or software that help you customise your browsing experience. It makes your browser adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

In simple words, the Chrome extensions for e-commerce specialists act as shortcuts and allow you to execute web-based tasks with fewer clicks. You can also perform those tasks without closing the navigation window on your browser. But how do you make the use of best online extensions when running your online store? Take a look at this article to discover the answer to this question!

Crafted by the experts of The Academic Papers UK, this article sheds light on the best Chrome extensions for business experts in 2024. Let’s dive into the details.

8 Best Chrome Extensions for E-commerce Specialists

As you may know already, some Chrome extensions for product research are automated to perform background tasks. Some appear on the main menu. Here is the list of Chrome extensions that are best for e-commerce professionals to install to ensure the efficiency of their work. These are equally beneficial to e-commerce geeks, SEO professionals, online marketers, and anyone who is associated with a digital field.

1. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is one of the must-have Chrome extensions that e-commerce specialists must have. It is best for the optimisation of the on-page SEO of your company and also provides the analysis of any other webpage. It basically gathers useful data that you can use to optimise the on-page content.

Using this tool, you can track the broken links for the improvement in the customer experience when they are browsing your website. This leads to the betterment of the performance of the search engine of your store.

This tool also provides you with specific keywords that you can use for multiple locations, languages, and places to get better results and refine your SEO experience.

2. Todoist

It is one of the best Chrome extensions for drop shippers, and it helps them collaborate on a shared project. Todoist is an excellent extension that makes to-do plans for you and organises the upcoming activities per your schedule. You can check off the plans when you are done with them.

The best thing about this, among other Chrome extensions, is that they can use it for both professional and personal purposes. With this tool, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Add activities to your list
  • Delegate tasks to your team
  • Track the work progress and track the deadlines
  • Save items in a list and bookmark the blog posts

3. SimilarWeb

If you are looking for the best Chrome extensions for web analysis, Similar Web should be your go-to tool. It is a wonderful extension to spy on the websites of your competitors and analyse their web performance. Not only that, it improves the marketing strategy for you and provides you with great insights about any website.

You can find the keywords everywhere, such as traffic ranking, pricing history, overall site performance, and site engagements, by using this tool. For example, e-commerce students can benefit from this extension when they are comparing the pricing structures of assignment writing services. Apart from that, it provides you with the information to improve your marketing strategy in real time.

Generally, it is considered the best among other Chrome extensions for dropshipping businesses and importing products, particularly on Ali Express dropshipping tools.

4. Keyword Surfer

This is a Chrome extension for e-commerce professionals that helps them find the right keyword suggestions. This extension helps you browse and find the right keywords with high search volume, which boosts not only your site traffic but also your blog performance.

Not only this, but the extension also lets you create keyword clusters where you can always add updated keywords without having the need to search them separately. In addition to this, you can also highlight the visibility metrics, CPC, and on-page data techniques.

By using this tool, you can create amazing research topics for your visitors and brand, hence making content marketing easier for you.

5. Calendly

You can organise your meetings, appointments, and business calendars using this extension. It is one of the top Chrome extensions for commerce geeks as it helps you see that you have not booked a web-based activity twice in your calendar. You can add notes to these events that you and your project members can see.

Not only that, it lets you create one-off meetings with clients where you can handpick the timing for them and make the meeting polls as well. Furthermore, you can also add time to your emails by using this tool.

It has both a free version and a paid version.

6. Momentum

Momentum is one of the top-trending Chrome extensions and it helps ecommerce professionals increase their productivity and focus. It can easily replace your Google New tab and make you more organised in your daily activities.

Some of the top features of this tool include daily weather reports, to-do lists, reminders, affirmations, photos and more. It has ad-free options for premium subscriptions. You can pick the style themes for your dropshipping store and display the trending products on Ali Express using this extension.

Most Ali tools shopping assistants and Amazon sellers use this extension as it keeps them motivated for their daily tasks and reminds them of their daily goals. It has an average rating of 4.5 and has over 3 million users worldwide.

7. BlockSite

As the name suggests, this is a wonderful extension for blocking websites. Apart from this, it can also do password protection tasks really quickly. It assists in reducing work distractions by limiting the unsolicited web popups when you are browsing different websites for product searches.

The advanced intelligence that this website uses allows it to make memes and tease you when you sneak into the websites listed on the block list. However, it is a temporary feature and you can easily turn it on or off whenever you want.

The best thing about this extension is that it is a go-to tool for 5 million+ users when it comes to boosting their productivity.


This is yet another commerce inspector Chrome extension which assists users in building URLs to monitor the content across the internet. You can create bulk URLs and personalised shorteners for domain links. The extension actively saves all the activity in your main account. has made it super-quick for users to generate the tracking codes that monitor your online marketing progress in Google Analytics. You can also use the templates for marketing purposes and efficiently track the digital campaigns that you are running.

What makes it the best one among other Chrome extensions is that you can sync all the data into your manual browser and auto-update different fields for quicker work.


So, this is all about the must-have Chrome extensions for e-commerce students and professionals which help them boost their product research and brand visibility online. An eCom student should dive deep into the world of useful Google extensions and explore what works best for them. If they are in a time crunch, they can buy assignment online to keep up with their academic pursuits. All these extensions are super handy and make your work easier for you. They have been specifically designed to boost your productivity, increase your creativity levels, and simplify the e-commerce processes per your needs. These extensions work best when coupled with the knowledge of programming experts. That is why you should get assistance from online programmers who can combine their expertise and make your e-commerce store run even more smoothly.

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