What You Should Know About Instagram Marketing

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram from the ordinary social platform developed into the perfect channel for reaching an enormous audience and became the major platform for sharing photos. Nearly a billion active users join the platform monthly, spending there on average 53 minutes a day. Today Instagram is the second demanded social platform after Facebook.

When speaking of this social network, you always imagine an enormous quantity of influencers with their countless followers. Besides, daily around 500 million users use Stories on the app. If you work in the field of education, media, Dollar car rental MCO or ecommerce, it is definitely worth building your Instagram marketing strategy. Nevertheless, not to waste your time and efforts before starting your activity on this full-on marketing channel, build the right plan on how you are going to present your brand. To make your brand influential through Instagram you have to know the platform and your audience. Learn to identify what kind of posts will work the right way, and what content works best for growing your audience.

Let’s say you want to promote the service “rent a car Orlando” or Orlando cars for rent. Learn more about car rental offers, your audience inside and out, establish your Instagram Stories strategy and the kind of content respectively. And, of course, find out how to track your metrics and KPIs.

So, why is Instagram an incredible channel for ecommerce marketing?



Well, Instagram’s format presupposes regular sharing videos, photos, or Instagram Stories. Due to its visual nature, Instagram gives great opportunities for ecommerce businesses, which have to demonstrate their products. Huge amount of businesses have already built their visual presence on Instagram. Therefore they highly boosted their ecommerce marketing.

It is obvious that of all average social media users Instagram ones are engaged the most. Though there is a tendency that Instagram involvement is recently dropping, anyway the platform shows higher involvement rates for businesses in comparison with Twitter and Facebook. Besides there’s also the fact that Instagram users are mostly online shoppers. More than 70% of Instagram users make a purchase decision having stumbled upon it on Instagram. For now, the predominant quantity of such purchases is connected with such goods as clothes and footwear, jewels and makeup.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

How to Build Successful Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Setting Distinct Goals

Every successful Instagram marketing strategy presupposes setting correct, measurable, timely and distinct goals, underlying everything you do on Instagram. The aim should correspond to your business needs. Thus, having relatively stable financial results there is probably no need to raise sales through Instagram. It is better to focus on market insight or getting an audience instead.

Defining Your Audience

All the contents of your Instagram account should focus on your target audience, determining which is an essential step. And missing it can ruin your efforts on achieving business goals.  So, find out everything about your potential customers – gender, occupation, age, location, financial status – and create a typical buyer persona. The results of your business strategy will depend on how good you know your customers and their preferences.

Make the Analysis of Your Competitors’ Profiles

Make a research through your Instagram competitors’ profiles. Determine who your rivals are, what are the specific features of their content, what are the ways of their interaction with the customers. Try to figure out both successful tactics and the failing strategies of your rivals. Knowing the weak points of your competitors and what they might be missing will help you build effective tactics for your brand promotion.

Getting an Instagram Business Account

Users of Instagram can get either a personal account or business. Business account provides many additional advantages and opportunities, which are necessary for your business promotion.

Crafting Your Content and Consistent Aesthetic

To attract the audience to your account you have to construct a perfect content model. Instagram implies visual and text parts of the content, providing a wide range of its formats.  Thus, you get many opportunities to entertain your customers and win new ones. Your goal also should be to establish your brand with a consistent aesthetic. Thus your customers will be able to separate your content from your competitors. You can choose any type of content, but the most important thing – it must be beautiful, qualitative and eye-catching.

Mind that creating your Instagram marketing strategy is a hard and long-lasting task. It involves a lot of traps and rapidly changing circumstances. However, the result is worth all your efforts. Thus, to achieve success promoting your brand on Instagram use all of your creativity and imagination. Don’t make your Instagram account just a primitive photo-sharing app.