Why Do You Need an Educational Video Production Company?

Educational Video Production

Educational Video Production

Educational videos are fun and are easier to absorb. Though these serve a purpose they do not come without a cost. You could choose to do it by yourself, or hire an educational video company.

But since cost matters to every business, it would suit us more, if we find out why we need to train our employees.

So, let’s begin with the question: Why invest in employee training?

Here are some stats to add to your knowledge;

As per the Dale Carnegie survey of employees, boosting the productivity of employees is perhaps, the biggest challenge most companies face in their daily routine.

The findings of the survey suggest that companies that dispersed high-quality training to employees, saw a whopping 200% increase in their productivity.

That’s impressive. And, much more necessary to increase your output and keep abreast with your competitors.

Needless to say, video training is far more effective than any form of content used. The idea of video production can be overwhelming, or plausibly tempting.

However, businesses can transform their training systems when they outsource video production.

That’s what this blog is all about.

In the further sections, we’ll dive into;

  • The five top reasons why you need to have a video company to produce educational content
  • You’ll also gain good insight into the pros and cons of creating videos on your own

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Quick turnaround time

Technology is evolving at a breakneck speed. With so many of your competitors adopting the change already, it only becomes a question of when you decide to put your foot down and run in the race.

And, with fast-paced development, we also have new trends rolling out every now and then.

You can’t afford to produce something in months and expect the trend would sustain on its own. Just to keep your content relevant. That’s not happening anymore.

As fortunate as it may sound, our digital experience is only getting better and better.

But that also doubles your responsibility to create better content.

One that meets the expectations of your audience and delights them.

And to do that, you need to address the ever-evolving training needs of your employees. That too really quickly (cuz your competitors are acting quickly too).

Best animation companies and studios are already tapping these businesses. Not only are they pitching them all the fascinating ideas, but helping them scale the production of their educational content with ease.

Similarly, you may find it hard to produce content and material quickly on your own. No worries. You could always count on a full-fledged video production company to do your job.

You’ll not only have volumes of educational videos produced in a quick turnaround time but surprisingly great quality content to impact learning. And, frankly speaking, a smart way to edge off your competitors.


Another big reason to work with a video company is creativity.

With a team full of talented artists, you gain an edge over producing videos that are not just exciting but showcase creativity. Be it in introducing concepts, or breaking down a complex story. Thus, it saves a lot of time.

And, with a bunch of creatives brainstorming ideas to produce your educational content, you only get better at storytelling.

Employees or learners would not only gain a more detailed and creative insight into the course material but also benefit from some degree of interaction. That keeps them engaged and eager to absorb information.

Professional equipment and knowledge

When it comes to producing quality educational videos for your employees, you need professional cameras and other high-end technology to turn your abstract idea into a full-blown video.

And, to do that, you can’t afford to cross the skills and talent out of the equation.

Let’s say you’ve three to four employees who have some knowledge of producing training materials. And, thankfully, you get them onboard to produce training material for you.

With no access to professional equipment, it would be more like burdening them, to have them produce video material with their iPhone camera. Somehow, they would manage to do that too.

However, since they lack the expertise, production would be an enduring process. One that might never end for you.

And, luckily, if you manage to produce something, it might not be as professional or perhaps equate to the quality of what your peer companies have produced.

That’s where hiring a professional video production company makes a lot more sense.

Not only will they give you a walkthrough of the entire video production process, but they also have all the essential skills, and more importantly, the gadgets and devices to create amazing training videos for your employees.

Interestingly, with a dedicated video company working on your project, you’ll have video content curated to the best of your needs. How they would do that?

They’ve agile project managers to update you on progress throughout the project – communication gets the job done.

With quality experience in creating educational videos, they can help you find the perfect voice for your training modules. One that would sync perfectly with your branding.

Value for money

Another major reason why you need an education video production company is the value you can extract. Compared to what you get from companies, you’ll have grand value for the service you ask for. Here’s why;

If you search for scriptwriting on a Freelancing platform, you’ll need designing and animation services from some other team or individual.

The benefit:

You can have all the jobs including scriptwriting, visuals, animation, and voiceover all under one umbrella.

And, that too for not just competitive pricing, but the assurance of agile project management to handle everything from pre-production to final delivery.

Consistency in training content creation

Let’s say you’ve produced quality content for your employees, it’s very likely that they would want something similar in the future.

Now, to deliver to the best of their expectations, you have two options;

  • You can curate video content by yourself.

Though it sounds easy peasy, know that it can be costly if you don’t have a dedicated video production department.

And, even if you’ve one, does it have a solid pipeline of projects to manage the burgeoning expenses in the shape of animator salaries and high-end equipment? And, the maintenance too?

Sounds like a scrap? Wait, there’s more.

Or you can opt for a video production company.

Assuming you’ve opted for the second option, here’s what you can expect.

  • You’ll have a dedicated video production team working on your training course
  • Not only will you have aesthetic content curation, but it will have a friendly UI
  • It won’t cost you much as you only have them working on a singular project

That’s not all.

You will also find it easier to create training videos. You make them at a faster pace, and save yourself a great deal of time. That leaves you with the freedom to ideate and analyze further training needs of your employees.

So, not only is hiring a video production company fun, but it puts you at an advantage over your competitors in a seamless fashion.

Final thoughts

Let’s wrap it up. Educational video production picked up steam during the pandemic.

And, since then it’s become really popular. With evolving training needs of employees, companies are eager to invest in gearing them up. Learning new and in-demand skills requires access to quality video content.

While companies can opt to produce educational videos on their own. It only makes sense to outsource the production.

For one, it’s not your specialty. Two, full-fledged video production teams not only bring knowledge, and creativity, but a lot more to the table.

And, with speed being a primary factor for edging off your competition, it only makes sense to have a video company produce quality educational videos for you.

So, are you prepared to take the leap?