Yes, AI Is Coming For Your Job: A List of Professions That Will Be Most Affected By the AI-Boom

Yes, AI Is Coming For Your Job: A List of Professions That Will Be Most Affected By the AI-Boom

Yes, AI Is Coming For Your Job: A List of Professions That Will Be Most Affected By the AI-Boom

The launch of Open AI’s flagship product, ChatGPT, last October has managed to create ripples across the world.

On the one hand, the product has given birth to an arms race between big tech companies which are now racing to launch the next big thing in the AI universe, and on the other hand, it has become the cause of severe anxiety for Millions around the world who have realized that the chatbot can do their jobs fairly effectively.

And to be fair, these concerns are not far-fetched. Just last week Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google reiterated these concerns by stating that the AI boom will have serious implications for society and will lead to job losses.

Research by the famed McKinsey Institute has suggested that AI will take over almost 360 Million human jobs by the end of the current decade. Other studies have also reached similar conclusions, pointing out that over 30 percent of all human jobs will be impacted by the AI revolution.

Experts have stated that knowledge workers of all stripes will be the first to go. In simple words, jobs that included slaving away on our laptops will probably be taken over the laptops themselves.

So, if you are a knowledge worker, it’s time that you started thinking about re-skilling yourself or at least introducing some level of diversity in your skill set.

Before we start talking about the scary bits and take a look at the long list of jobs AI will gobble up, let’s take a brief look at some of the sectors which will be least impacted. Medical professionals, construction workers, and security professionals occupy the least automatable jobs. So, maybe try learning a bit about these professions.

Much like your previous job, the internet is full of resources that can help you gain these skills in no time. All you need is a fast-paced internet connection, a laptop, and some extra time on your hands and you are good to go.

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Now, that we have, unsuccessfully attempted to assuage our fears, let’s jump on our scary list.


Let’s be very clear, AI is extremely good at churning out content. All you need do is give it a very brief prompt and it will churn out an in-depth blog post on the topic. Moreover, tools like GPT 4 are even able to write poems, research articles, and even news articles.

Websites like Buzzfeed and CNET have already deployed these bots to churn out fairly satisfactory content.

And even though there are some glitches like AI quoting wring stats, these are bugs that will soon be ironed out.


Ask ChatGPT to make a rendition of the famous Snake Game using Python and it will do so in under a minute. As the took to make a scientific calculator using Java and it will do so in under 30 seconds. And this is the free version we are talking about.

AI chatbots are excellent programmers and can churn out hundreds of lines of code in merely a matter of minutes. ChatGPT was even able to clear Google’s interview for an entry-level coder.

And paid bots like GPT 4 can transform hand-drawn sketches into stellar websites. So, web developers should be scared.

But as of this moment, AI bots are not advanced enough to fully plan, execute and implement large-scale development projects, so there is a shirt reprieve for those looking to upskill themselves to survive the upcoming era of unemployment.


AI tools like DALL E and Midjourney are so adept at making an amazingly vivid graphic design that, shockingly, anyone hires graphic designers anymore.

And using these apps is no rocket science. Just write a short passage telling the tool DALL E what to do and will create multiple versions of your imagined design.

You can then select the version that is closest to your idea and ask it to improve certain elements. You can also ask the tool to add or remove design features by giving it single-sentence prompts.

And a lot of designers are already using these apps to enhance their art. This means, that these tools are so good that a lot of designers are already using them to do their job for them.


As a direct consequence of how they are built, AI technologies are extremely adept at identifying patterns and providing analysis. Starting from keyword research to competitor analysis, AI tools can analyze quicker and more accurately as compared to their human counterparts.

So, the age of armies of analysts slouched on their desks, viewing competitor’s websites and doing manual market research is soon going to an end.


When it comes to extracting huge chunks of numerical data, performing functions on it, and pushing out piles of spreadsheets, no human being alive can hope to compete with the computing power of AI.

And in recent times there has been an explosion in the number of Artificially Intelligent tools that have hit the market. It’s just a matter of time before businesses start discovering and deploying these apps. And when that happens, who would need accountants anymore?


The AI boom is the most disrupting thing to hit the global economy since the invention of the computer. And the people who believe that robots taking over human jobs is something that will happen in the distant future, have misread the writing on the wall. The future is now. The only question is, are you prepared?