How to Get a Higher Score in Blockudoku?

How to Get a Higher Score in Blockudoku?

How to Get a Higher Score in Blockudoku?

Blockudoku is one of the most popular genres of block games. It is a special combination of sudoku and block puzzle games. The video starts off pretty difficult, but as you master the game, it becomes enjoyable.

The main goal of Blockudoku is to remove all of the pieces from the board while slowly but steadily assembling them into a row on a 9-9 board. The video game can be highly entertaining if you have a better understanding of blocks puzzle games.

But how do you ensure that you get the highest score in Blockudoku? Well, read on to find out how we give you tips to help you get a higher score in Blockudoku.

Take your time

Most Blockudoku players usually try to eliminate various shapes as quickly as possible. But this approach can cause many mistakes. Shapes can be eliminated quickly, but not after a few blunders.

The greatest tactic is to think about how you can obliterate numerous shapes with fewer moves. Blockudoku is a logical block game requiring you to consider your options before taking action. Rushing through the game could also leave you helpless. If this keeps happening, you can lose motivation.

Make sure you completely focus on the game.

You must also put more effort into this game to score higher. Remember to keep your eyes and mind open as you do this. Thus, you should focus on it completely rather than concentrating on a small section of the grid. Your expectations won’t be as clear as they should be if you restrict them to just a few specific areas. So, be adaptable in how you approach problem-solving.

Utilize clues

When a crucial situation arises where you are blocked, and nothing is going according to plan, you must click the assistance button on the left side of your game screen. You can use this function to gain a high Blockudoku score when you solve a puzzle, but don’t go overboard by solving too many pointless puzzles or taking too many clues, as this may give the impression that puzzle solvers are not intelligent.

Eliminate blocks

You can eliminate every blank space and the last remaining block at the bottom of your screen once you’ve finished the puzzle. Any block that contains data will stay put; if it is empty, it will be eliminated. It’s up to you to choose which will stay and which will disappear.

Be careful.

Some players may rather wait for the proper combinations to appear. Although it can be effective for them, this makes the game slower. Additionally, misplacing the pieces could prevent you from making moves. You must act thoughtfully if you want to avoid this tension. You must consider ways to avoid becoming trapped while considering the best combinations to put in the cells. You must avoid overbuilding and instead make smart decisions to achieve that.

Final thoughts

When it comes to Blockudoku, getting a higher score is not difficult. You can find yourself progressing from easier levels to harder ones by using these straightforward tips.