From Engagement to Conversion: Leveraging Facebook Post Likes for Business Growth



Are you confused between engagement and conversions? Facebook is a wide platform where people used to post their content for getting engagement from their viewers. Engagement and conversions are the two different concepts of Facebook. When a person does like your content, share it on their timeline, or comments down their thoughts than such a process is known as “Engagement.” When an individual does some activity like clicking on a link or landing on a web page after specific event handling then such a process is known as “Conversions.” Here, we will discuss the Facebook post likes for Business growth in detail.

What is the significance of choosing Conversion Campaigns?

The conversion campaigns on Facebook can be helpful in many ways as stated below points:

  • The viewers will know about your brand and the quality of the product.
  • When an event handling is done on your Facebook page, it will boost the traffic on your website landing page in a small amount of time.
  • Another benefit of the conversion campaign on Facebook is lead generation which will help to boost the lead count.

Before choosing the campaign process on your Facebook profile page, you should ensure yourself what kind of measure you require from the conversion method. For example, you can get more viewer traffic on your provided landing page once your Facebook ad starts running on the social media application. You must choose the appropriate option and the remaining work will be done by Facebook Algorithm. If you have a piece of technical knowledge, try to enter the appropriate URL so that people will land on the same link as provided in the Facebook page settings.

Effective Tips for Facebook Post Like for Business Growth

Facebook is a platform that is been used by millions of users currently. People used to post their personal as well as professional information on such social media platforms. The application is in the news most of the time like the intense scrutiny of the Facebook founder, named “Mark Zuckerberg.” Another famous news into account was the Cambridge Analytic data score, and tampering with updated news by the Russians. Thus, we can say Facebook was losing the trust of its customers because of such obstacles seen in the past. This was the major reason why marketing people were in doubt to do business on such platforms.

Facebook has overcome the drawbacks in a small span of time and when we talk about social media websites then always people used to prefer FB. Generally, it is noticed that billions of viewers stay active on the Facebook platform. Thus, it can be a good option for marketers to spend their time on such social media platforms to grow their business.

Leveraging Facebook Post Likes for Engagement as well as for Business Growth

  1. Optimization is the key to success

Try to customize and optimize your company page created on the Facebook social media platform. If you are a start-up company, and yet have not created your company account on Facebook, then it recommends doing it as soon as possible. It should be the first and most important priority for a marketer to stay in the online marketing industry. Whenever you run Facebook ads and spend money on them, the Facebook algorithm will divert the customers to your company page. Therefore, it is important to create an optimized and attractive page so that your viewers will get complete information about your organization, work, products, material and much more.

  1. Quality content and posting high-definition images are important

If you have created your Facebook account then you must have seen there are two options for uploading the images. The first is your profile picture and the other is your Facebook cover picture. When an individual tries to search for you on the Facebook social media platform, they will recognize you from these two images. Therefore, it is mandatory to upload high-quality images at both of these locations. If you are not aware of the appropriate dimensions of your profile picture and cover photo then follow the below points:

  • The appropriate dimensions of the profile image on a smartphone are 128*128 pixels while if you are setting it on desktops then the correct dimensions are 170*170 pixels. If you are setting the image for a higher resolution then the correct profile image dimensions are 480*480 pixels.
  • Similarly for the cover photos, you need to set image pixels as 820 *312 for desktops, 640*360 pixels for mobile phones, and for higher resolution try 1640*624 pixels.
  1. Try to create content regularly and post it on your Facebook Page

Another tip for enhancing viewer engagement and business growth is to regularly post the content on your Facebook Page. With this process, you will be able to connect with your audience all the time. Whenever your viewers are doing engagement like commenting on your posts. Then, be responsible to reply to them back because this enhances the communication between you and your viewer to enhance the business growth.

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