8 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Metal Signage Company for Your Business

Metal Signage

Metal Signage

When you’re in the market for new custom metal signs, it’s crucial to be selective about the company you do business with. Your sign serves as the initial point of contact with your customers and plays a crucial role in attracting new ones to your business. Whether you require a sign for your church, school, or government agency, it should not only fulfill its intended purpose but also offer long-lasting utility. In the following points, we will discuss some guidelines to assist you in finding the ideal custom metal signage-making company, such as ShieldCo signage for business, that will meet your specific requirements.

Years in the Industry

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a custom metal sign provider is their experience and tenure in the industry. Opt for a company with a comprehensive portfolio of completed projects, as this demonstrates their capability to deliver results after a contract is made. An extensive portfolio also provides you with ample examples to gauge signage company expertise, aiding you in generating ideas for your own sign. The longer a company has been established, the greater the chances of it having consistently met the needs of its clientele, ensuring a high level of professionalism in fulfilling your order.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

As previously mentioned, a reputable sign company with a solid track record will offer substantial evidence of its exceptional craftsmanship. You can request referrals and engage with satisfied clients who can attest to their work’s quality. Achieving the skills necessary for crafting superior signage takes years of experience. By examining their previous projects, you not only gain insight into the sign’s durability but also its maintenance requirements. It’s not just about craftsmanship; the quality of materials used is equally essential. The combination of high-quality workmanship and superior materials results in the creation of an ideal sign that is meticulously crafted, professionally installed, and built to last.

Comprehensive Signage Services

Locating a company that provides comprehensive services, encompassing everything from conceptual design to installation, ensures you have a one-stop solution for all your signage needs. The inconvenience of searching for separate designers, manufacturers, and installers is eliminated. Furthermore, avoiding a company that subcontracts their installation or manufacturing work enhances quality control. A full-service approach also minimizes the risk of mishaps, as the company remains fully accountable throughout every stage of the process.

Diverse Selection

While you may have a specific type of sign in mind, it’s advantageous to choose a company that offers an extensive range of options. This approach allows you to discover the perfect sign to meet your requirements and facilitates easy price comparisons among the various choices. It is the most effective means of locating a sign that aligns with your budget, offering insights into options you might not have initially considered. Some examples of available custom signs are:

  • Illuminated channel letter signs
  • LED computerized signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Directional signs and directories
  • Metal letter signs
  • Metal plaques
  • Interior signs
  • Custom church signs
  • School signs
  • Digital print and vinyl signs
  • Project and custom wood signs

While you might believe that you don’t need this many choices, it’s important to know that you have a chance of missing out on the opportunity to find a sign that fits your budget or discover one that boasts greater longevity and requires less maintenance.

Explore the Workshop

Feel free to request a tour of the workshop. While certain areas might be off-limits due to safety considerations related to fumes or equipment, a reputable sign company will be more than willing to showcase its operations. This allows them to demonstrate specific techniques, reveal ongoing projects, and offer you a firsthand glimpse into their daily activities.

Proven Track Record

Despite a company’s claims regarding the types of signs they can create, it’s essential to verify their capabilities. Ask for concrete examples of the specific type of sign you require to ensure they can fulfill your order. If they cannot provide examples, it’s a clear indicator that they lack the necessary experience.

Professional Affiliations

Inquire about their professional designations and credentials. Have they been awarded or acknowledged for their accomplishments? Additionally, find out which professionals they collaborate with, such as engineers and architects, to support their expertise in the field.

Online Reviews

Conducting online research has become an integral part of making informed decisions. As you start the process of choosing a company for your custom sign needs, delving into online reviews is now considered standard practice. It’s essential to ascertain that the company you are considering boasts a collection of credible and reliable reviews, coupled with high ratings that substantiate their assertions of consistently delivering top-notch quality work.

In an era where customer feedback and experiences are prominently shared on various platforms, taking the time to explore these reviews can provide invaluable insights. By examining the experiences of past clients, you gain a clearer understanding of the company’s strengths, areas of expertise, and potential areas for improvement. These reviews serve as a lens through which you can evaluate the company’s consistency in meeting client expectations, adhering to deadlines, and providing exceptional service.


In the journey to find the perfect custom sign provider, several critical considerations come into play. From assessing a company’s years of experience and the quality of its work to exploring its diverse range of sign options and scrutinizing online reviews, each step contributes to a comprehensive evaluation process. These steps collectively enable individuals and businesses to make well-informed decisions when selecting a sign company that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.