Incorporating Cryptocurrency Payments on Your Website with the WHMCS Payment Plugin

Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency Payments

As cryptocurrencies cement their place in the worldwide economy, businesses are starting to understand the significance of providing multiple payment options to their customers. The capability to process cryptocurrency payments not only broadens a company’s customer reach but also displays a progressive attitude towards adopting cutting-edge financial technologies.

This guide will delve into how you can incorporate cryptocurrency payments on your website via the WHMCS payment plugin. WHMCS, a widely-used platform for web hosting management and billing automation, offers smooth integration with cryptocurrency payment gateways. This facilitates businesses to effortlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their online transactions. Irrespective of your business size, leveraging the WHMCS payment plugin to accept cryptocurrencies provides tremendous opportunities for growth and improved customer experiences.

Diving into the Details of the WHMCS Payment Plugin

The WHMCS payment plugin is an efficient tool that integrates with the WHMCS platform, a well-accepted system for web hosting management and billing automation. The plugin empowers businesses to diversify their payment methods by flawlessly incorporating cryptocurrency payments into their online platforms. Through integration with numerous cryptocurrency payment gateways, the WHMCS payment plugin allows businesses to accept widely-used cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more for their products or services.

The plugin simplifies the payment process, automates transaction handling, and presents businesses with a secure and efficient avenue to accept crypto payments, thereby boosting the overall customer experience.

Process to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments with the WHMCS Payment Plugin

To accept cryptocurrency payments on a WHMCS website using a pre-made payment plugin, you need to follow a straightforward process involving some key steps. Here is a guide for easy integration:

  • Downloading the WHMCS Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin
  • Visit Homepage.
  • Browse to the API section in the main menu > Modules. Find and download the WHMCS payment plugin.
  • Installing the Cryptomus Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WHMCS
  • Extract the downloaded archive on your computer or hosting.
  • Move the folder “cryptomusgateway”, files “cryptomusgateway.php” and “” from the extracted archive to the hosting along the WHMCS → modules → gateways path.
  • Move the file “cryptomusgateway.php” from the “callback” folder to the hosting along the path WHMCS → modules → gateways → callback.

In the WHMCS control panel’s top right corner, find a wrench icon, hover over it, and from the popup menu select “System Settings”.

On the “System Settings” page, in the left navigation menu, select “Apps & Integrations”, find the block “Apps & Integrations”, and click on it.

On the “Apps & Integrations” page, in the search box, type “Cryptomus”. Click on the Cryptomus module that appears in the search results.

In the dialog box that appears, click on the “Activate” button.

After successful module activation, you will be redirected to the “Payment Gateways” page for configuring the Cryptomus module.

Configuring the Cryptomus Payment Gateway for WHMCS

Create a merchant account in your personal account and obtain the Payment API key.

Enter the Merchant ID and API Key that you’ve obtained after creating your merchant account into the respective fields on the Cryptomus module settings page in WHMCS.

Congratulations, your clients can now make payments using Cryptomus! By following these steps, you can smoothly integrate cryptocurrency payment functionality into your WHMCS website using the WHMCS Payment Plugin. Happy trading!