6 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Lawyer on Your Speed Dial



Most people think you only need a lawyer when faced with legal trouble. But you don’t need to anticipate committing a crime or ending up in jail before getting a lawyer. These days having a lawyer on speed dial is not a luxury; it’s more like a necessity. Just like people keep emergency contacts, having a lawyer on hand can save you a lot of trouble later on, especially in times of dire need when a need for a lawyer suddenly arises.

Having a lawyer can sometimes have a dramatic impact. For example, low-income tenants facing evictions won 90% of the time when they were represented by lawyers, compared to less than half when they represented themselves. For this reason, not having a lawyer in certain instances can lead to broken agreements, finding yourself homeless, or even prison time. Hence, when every second counts, being in touch with a good lawyer might pay off. Here are a few reasons why you might want to have a lawyer on speed dial.

Ask for Legal Advice at Any Time

Sometimes, having a lawyer by your side can make all the difference. There are countless reasons why you might require legal counsel. You could be dealing with a medical bill that your health insurance company is refusing to pay, or you could be filing a police report after a car accident. Whatever it is, you’ll need legal advice on navigating these situations. Often, lawyers can help you in these situations, providing the kind of solutions you probably wouldn’t have thought of because of their knowledge of the justice system. At the same time, they can ensure none of your rights are being violated.

But why is it so important to have a lawyer? Experts suggest this might be because even the most routine legal matters require complex maneuvering only lawyers can understand. One study shows almost 200 tasks that are required to be performed in court cases that require both specialized knowledge and time most people don’t have. Hence, it would help if you chose a law firm that specifically deals with the issue that you’re facing. Trusted legal professionals, like those of the Simmons Law Firm, can offer guidance specifically tailored to your needs, covering a wide range of legal areas like personal injury, medical malpractice, business, sexual abuse, environmental litigation, and more.

Business Matters and Handling Documents

A good lawyer may be crucial when it comes to handling business matters. Usually, it’s important to have a lawyer who can help you navigate any legal risks or help you make informed decisions regarding your business. You may want a lawyer to deal with tax issues, intellectual property and copyright, mergers and acquisitions, business structure, contracts, and labor regulations. A lawyer can also help you fill out and file all the required legal documents because even one late or incorrect file may derail your case.

A good lawyer can also help you handle regulations and paperwork important to running your business. Because generally, legal documents like contracts and deeds are incomprehensible to the average person, filled with all kinds of legal terms and jargon. So, a lawyer is necessary to make sure you understand the terms and conditions fully, and to have someone read through all the fine print. A lawyer can help you deal with all technicalities in the legal field and help you avoid any legal ramifications while at the same time ensuring your interests are fully protected.

Assistance in Handling Different Transactions

A lawyer’s expertise is often required in both personal and professional spheres. For example, transactions are an important area where you might need legal counsel. A transaction can range from renting out space to purchasing equipment, financing, or even agreements. You’ll need an attorney to ensure proper protocol is followed and details are taken care of for all of these things. When dealing with very large-scale and complex transactions, a lawyer can help you navigate the legal minefield so you don’t overlook any important details that may surprise you later because only an experienced professional with the appropriate knowledge can streamline these issues for you without overlooking anything significant.

Protecting Your Rights

Every person has certain fundamental rights, and protecting these rights is of utmost importance. Lawyers, in particular, are trained to protect your rights. To ensure you are never denied your rights, having a lawyer on speed dial is important. A lawyer can help you navigate the legal system, inform you about your rights and entitlements, and ensure you’re not exploited in any capacity. For example, a lawyer can help you if you want to file a lawsuit or need to be represented in court. They’ll ensure you follow the correct procedure and ensure no violations occur.


When it comes to certain individuals and businesses, negotiations may take up much of their time, be that negotiating salaries, agreements, contracts, etc. Even if you have tremendous confidence in your negotiating skills, you’ll still require a lawyer to figure out the fine print for you. A lawyer is necessary because they can figure out a way to protect your interests and help you get the best possible deal out of any negotiation.

The Need for Legal Representation

These days, people find themselves in need of legal representation more often than expected. At the same time, usually, you cannot predict a situation that warrants having an experienced lawyer on hand. Therefore, it makes sense to find a lawyer beforehand who can provide legal representation when needed.


Having a lawyer at hand is something generally recommended because even day-to-day situations may require some sort of legal expertise. Moreover, you never know what you could face in times of uncertainty, especially if you’re a business owner or someone with assets to protect. Hence, a reputable lawyer on speed dial can be crucial in protecting your interests and getting top-notch legal counsel just as you may require it, no matter how tricky the situation may prove to be.