Slicktext: Your Secret Weapon for Effective Text Promotions

Text Promotions

Text Promotions

What is Your Marketing Strategy?

As a business owner, you know the importance of having a strategic plan when it comes to marketing. There are more ways to market your brand than ever before, but now all methods will be useful. What kind of marketing strategy are you using for your brand? Some brands focus on social media marketing. Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing.

Millions of people go to their social media accounts to connect with friends and follow their favourite brands daily. Influencer marketing is another marketing tool that your brand could leverage. Email marketing has been around for a little while, and it is still an effective way to connect with clients. Have you tried text messaging marketing? If you have not, you learn how to leverage the power of text with your brand.

Why Text Message Marketing?

If you want to connect with your customers in a way that will truly get their attention, then text message marketing is a tool your brand cannot do without. Your customers are checking their text messages all of the time. When your clients get the notification that they have a text message, they will read it 98% of the time. Text messages are also powerful because you can leverage them to build customer loyalty.

Customers are used to their email inboxes becoming full of mail, so the novelty will impress them when they receive text messages. When your customers see that you use the text message platform to give them value, they will feel an immediate bond with your brand. They will know that they will receive something valuable when they see a message from your brand.

Text Message Marketing is Affordable

Another big reason to invest in text message marketing is because it is truly affordable. As a small business owner, you want to be efficient regarding your ad placement. Text message marketing can be as affordable as a few cents per text. On the other hand, your brand could send out thousands of text messages for an affordable flat rate by using the right text message marketing company.

Text Message Can Be Read Quickly

Email marketing can be effective, but it can also be annoying to consumers. A consumer will rarely read a long email in its entirety. On the other hand, when savvy brands use text message marketing, their clients can quickly read through a message that is only a few sentences long, and they can click on links to that message and connect to your brand.

How To Get Started with Text Message Marketing

In order to get started in text message marketing, you have to find the right platform. Once you decide on a text messaging platform, then you should contact your clients and get permission to send them text messages. Once you get their permission, you are ready to begin to set up text promotions and text messaging campaigns.

What Text Messaging Service Should You Use?

Slicktext is a text messaging service that savvy business owners are using in order to connect with their clients. This is a service that is extremely user-friendly and fast. Once you get permission from your clients, you can upload their phone numbers or enter them yourself. The setup for this messaging service takes less than ten minutes. Slicktext offers you a variety of marketing resources and also educational information so that you can give your customers the best experience.

When you send out an email, you will get an answer the same day, and if you call customer service, you will speak directly with someone.

Make The Texting Choice

You need to connect with your customers if you want your brand to thrive. When you use text message services to communicate with your clients, you can innovatively engage with them and keep your brand at the top of their minds. Text messaging services put your brand in your client’s pockets, and there is really no better place to be if you want to keep your clients.

Author: Natalia